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Internet Domain Name Registration

Let us register an Internet domain name for you! A domain name provides an easy way for people to find your presence on the Internet. We can help you!



Changes in the registration process of domain names now allow us to help you get set up with your own Internet domain name such as,, or Costs for registration have fallen, and by registering now you can reserve and use a name of your choice. Internet domain names are going fast. By waiting, the name you want could be lost to a legitimate user, or to an investor hoping to extract much more than the $35/year registration fee to keep the name registered to you.

We make the first step of getting started on the Internet simple for you.

For $70.00 per name, we will help you register a name of your choosing which will be yours exclusively for a period of two years. Longer registrations are available up to 10 years. Years 3-10 are priced at $30 / year plus an additional $10 savings for a 10 year registration. 10 years costs just $300.

Now that the name is registered, what next? If you want to go further with the Internet than just saving the name for future use, we can setup a web site and receive e-mail at your domain, i.e. so that people can easily remember your e-mail addresses. In addition, low volume users may receive services at no further cost such as:

We can also consult, train or create web sites and pages for you on an hourly or quotation basis.

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The no cost services are provided by 3rd party companies which Ron Kern Computers does not control or guarantee continued quality or service.